About the Hollimans Group

Over the past eight years, Hollimans has grown from a small, family owned and run hardware
business into an integrated hardware and agriculture focused business.

Through that time, the business has grown from employing 4 staff to currently 40. The success and
growth of the business is due to the successful implementation of a range of business strategies,

• employing a strong staff management structure
• using up-to-date retail technology
• applying and maintaining good work place policies and procedures
• ensuring strong, consistent stock selection and control
• successful and relevant marketing
• implementing agriculture business add-ons and hardware business add-ons

The Hollimans Group of Businesses currently consists of:


•  Hollimans Rural Supplies

•  Hollimans Home Timber and Hardware

•  Hollimans Gun Shop

•  Hollimans Wide Span Sheds

•  Hollimans Tanks

•  Westons Transport Services

•  Viper Water Solutions